The Ignite staff reserves the right to consider for publication ONLY the work that meets the below requirements. Students who wish to submit video should contact the Ignite staff at for more information

The staff of Ignite also reserves the right to edit content for grammatical and spelling errors and for clarity. Pieces for each year’s publication will be selected by the Ignite staff based on literary and/or artistic merit as well as on the appropriateness of the works’ contents to the mission of the school.

The moderator and Seattle Prep administration will grant final approval for the journal’s content.

Submissions Policy

For students to have their work considered for publication, they must:

  • TITLE the work.
  • Submit the work to
  • Submit visual art as an image (.PNG, .JPEG, .JPG, etc.)
  • Submit creative writing as Word documents (please, no longer than 1200 words).
  • Agree to have their work published under their name (no anonymous work).
  • Agree that by submitting work, they are confirming that they are the original creator of the work.