Siege of Markarth

Isaac MacLean-Cury ‘27



Theophilos (The Champion) 

Coven of Namira Leader 

Coven Member 

Yarl of The Reach (a.k.a. Markarth) 


Chorus/Coven Members 

Part I

Enter Theophilos and the Coven Leader. 

Coven Leader:      Sire, not to question thy all knowingness, yet do thou knowest if this resolve shall work out i’ our favor? They hath a lot of guards, and we only hast ourself and the spirit of Namira. Would we get wiped out, we shall ne’er recov- 

Theophilos:           Silence, thou insolent leader.  Want we not be afeard of these setbacks.  We hast Namira on our side, and our abilities shall be moe than enough to conquer the lands. 

The resolve is simple.  We shall be diplomatic.  If that fails, then we shall dispatch and eat all of ’em.                                       

Coven Leader:      Yet, sire, aren’t thou at the least concerned about would they had thought of this resolve? 

Theophilos:           Yes, ay, I hast thought of all the variables.  If all else goes wrong, I shall bid upon Namira to save us. Now off with thou.  Say to the coven members the tidings.  I might now but consult Namira and canst not be bothered. 

Coven Leader exits through the side. Namira enters. 

Theophilos:           Our dearest prince.  Namira, hark me.  Say to me the tidings, and say to me our fate.  Prince of rot and decay, join to me and speak the coven’s future.                                                                                                                                                 

Namira:                 Mine child.  Mine champion.  Thou hast done well for us.  Thy resolve and fortitude are solid and unbroken.  I’ this path thou may find victory.  Execute it incorrectly, however, and thou shall fail.  Now avaunt, mine child, and take what is yours. 

Namira exits gracefully to the darkness. Coven Member enters stage left. 

Coven Member:    Gracious lord, I be so sorry to interrupt.  Yet there hath been an issue i’ planning. 

Theophilos:           Can’t thou see I was consulting Namira?  Thy insolence shall be the perpetual wink of thou. Yet what is happening? Don’t keep me waiting, thou bootless garbage.                                                                                                                                                                                

Coven Member:    Yes, mine gracious lord.  I shall be on mine wa- 

Theophilos slaps the Member. 

Theophilos:           Avaunt, thou trash. Begone. 

The Member scuttles away. Theophilos beckons the Coven Leader in. 

Theophilos:           Worthy leader, what hath gone wrong with the resolve? Say to me why something hath befell. 

Coven Leader:      Mine lord, we found a rat among the coven members. Yet to Namira I hadn’t quoth moe than diplomacy. 

Theophilos:           Good, good. Hence, we shall be good to execute our resolve. 

Coven Leader:      Yes, my worthy lord.

The Coven Leader and Theophilos exit the stage. 

Part II

Theophilos enters and speaks to a Chorus of ten people. 

Theophilos:           Good people of the coven.  We gather today to not only execute our gracious resolve, by the command of Namira, yet also to dispose of a rat. A rat who attempted to leak our resolve to the foe.  This rat can either accept his perpetual wink now, or we shall hunt thou down. 

A member of the Chorus steps forward, raises a hand. 

Chorus Member:   Mine gracious lord.  Prithee forgive mine insolence.  I shall accept mine perpetual wink with all shame and disgrace.

Theophilos:           Most well, then. So is the will of Namira: thou shall be executed and eaten. Thou shall die as a sacrifice to our cause.     

The Member switches from a mask of shame to a mask of crying happiness. 

Chorus Member:   Yes, mine lord, bring meself and mine life for N- 

The Member is silently dragged from the stage. 

Theophilos:           I apologize for that, mine dear members.  Gather round and hark close, for I shall only say this once. 

Our resolve shall be simple: we shall talk and negotiate with Markarth, and if that fails, we dispatch and take their town perforce. 

Yet now, we may enact our resolve and take what belongs to Namira! 

The Chorus cheers and shuffles offstage. With a change of scenery, the coven is making its way to Markarth when they encounter a guard. 

Guard:                   Thou.  It’s thou.  Thou be that coven from the mountain.  If thy hither, it means thy up to no good.  State why thou are headed for Markarth, or be executed hither and now! 

The Coven Leader prepares to draw his knife. Theophilos raises a hand and stops him. 

Theophilos:           Worthy guard.  Our coven is running out of supplies and food.  Want we not for violence, yet only to acquire the supplies we want.  You do now understand, yes? 

Guard:                   Ay.  Yet if thou so much as regard of causing trouble, do not regard, we won’t dispatch every last one of thou.  Now avaunt, and be warned: we shall hast a close eye on thou.

Theophilos:           Grammercy, worthy sir.  We shall be on our meetest portance. 

The Guard walks off. The coven continues to walk in place.

Theophilos:           Be patient, leader.  Brash decisions such as cutting him down would hast been detrimental to our cause, and we had been found out. 

Theophilos turns to the coven and speaks. 

Theophilos:           We are almost there.  Thou shall disperse and gather supplies and food.  Yet no moe than 50 gold shall be spent by each of thou.  Dear leader and I shall go to the Jarl to discuss.                                    

The coven arrives at Markarth, enters the gates, and disperses. Theophilos and the Coven Leader remain.

Theophilos:           Leader, say to me what we should’st say to jarl of here.  Do say to me all the detail and compose it quick.  Under three minutes, preferably. 

Coven Leader:      Lord, address him by thy graciousness and then start with casual discussion.  Then steer the conversation to our coven and how we want support.  After thou bring up that point, inquire about getting a portion of money i’ exchange thou grant ’em protection and Namira’s benison.

Theophilos:           Fine, indeed.  Fine, indeed, leader.  Thou impress me day by day with thy genius.  Keep up the good work, and I’ll cause thee mine right hand man. 

They arrive at the cave palace and enter to speak with the Jarl. A Guard meets them.

Guard:                   Thou.  What is thy business hither?  The jarl is a busy man, and may not hast the time for thou. 

Theophilos:           We are hither to discuss an exchange of sorts with the jarl.  ‘Tis urgent, and hath no time to wait. 

Guard:                   Most well; yet would he says no, I canst not doth moe for thou.

The Guard leaves the scene. The Jarl enters, carried on a throne. 

Theophilos:           Thy graciousness, we are the coven of Namira and arriveth with a proposition for exchange. 

Jarl:                       Why waste such time with a bootless coven? 

Theophilos:           Truly because we are hast the offer of protection and fortitude. 

Jarl:                       Hie on… 

Theophilos:           We do ask only 500 gold every 2 months; ‘i return we shall protect the land with Namira’s spirit.  We are content to negotiate 35 the gold amount. 

The Jarl would laugh and shake his head. 

Jarl:                       Thou might not but be soft i’ the brain to regard we’d aye grant thou 500 gold for thy bootless protection. Thou and thy coven are bootless trash and don’t e’en deserve mine time.  Now avaunt, and ne’er discover thy brow hither again. 

Theophilos:           Most well.  I am sorry I bothered thy time, thy graciousness. 

Theophilos and the Leader leave and go outside.

Theophilos:           We knew this was a possibility.  Gather the members, and we shall pate back to base an content our broil gear.           

Coven Leader:      Yes, mine gracious lord.

The Leader exits stage left. Theophilos remains, walking in place. 

Theophilos:           Dear Namira, grant us protection against this wretched town. They art not worthy of thy gaze.  

Scene change: the coven gathers in a market area. 

Theophilos:           Dear members.  We hast been disrespected to the greatest extent.  We shall take our leave now and ne’er join back.  At least not without our gears shifting and our broil armors forged!

Chorus cheers and chants Namira’s name.